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  • The Company is the brand owner and sole distributor of Bare Body Skin Care  products for professional and retail use.
  • The Stockist agrees to actively engage clients, market and advertise Bare Body Skin Care products for sale, and shall employ sufficient and competent staff to enable it to achieve such ends and comply with its obligations in terms of this Agreement.
  • The Stockist may not sub-distribute Bare Body Skin Care products to any other person or entity for resale or professional use.
  • Purchase of products from The Company is on a cash before dispatch basis.
  • The stockist understands that the extent & outcome of the use of any product or any cosmetic/ aesthetic treatment varies from person to person & whilst in many cases results are long lasting – The Company cannot guarantee results, permanence and/or number of treatments/ products required to obtain satisfactory result.
  • The Stockist understands that rarely one may experience no significant improvement and/ or the client may have allergies (known or unknown) and may react adversely to the product or treatment. The Stockist agrees to take full responsibility for said outcome.
  • Products purchased from or treatments facilitated by The Company, are at the Stockists own risk, and the Stockists will not hold the aforementioned responsible for the efficacy or consequences thereof.
  • The stockist confirms that they have been adequately informed that there are risks in relation to all/ any medical conditions and that they have established the general good health of their client and that there is nothing which renders the client unfit to undergo treatment or use products.
  • The Stockist appreciates fully that there are risks inherent in the aesthetic or cosmetic treatments they perform. These include, but are not limited to, reddening, swelling, crusting, infection, re-growth of hair, scarring, blistering, burning, peeling, and/or skin pigment changes. The Stockist voluntarily assumes these risks and, together with their associates (namely: heirs, executors and administrators) hereby release The Company from liability, claims and litigation that could accrue to the Stockist, Client, End-User or associates arising out of treatment, related products & activities irrespective of whether such claim/s arose from any hazards inherent to treatment.
  • The Stockist agrees that the above applies to each and every treatment and product, and that there are no refunds/ exchanges on treatments/ products.
  • Any additional costs that arise from or as a result of the above procedures are the Stockist responsibility and will be dealt with independently of The Company.
  • The Stockist carries the warranty of quality of products purchased by and treatments performed on the consumer. Should the end-user have any adverse reaction or be dissatisfied with the product in anyway – it is the responsibility of the Stockist to handle such complaint with the consumer. The Company will not deal directly with the consumer in such an instance.
  • The Company shall recommend  the Stockists minimum retail price of all Bare Body Skin Care products and treatments. Retail profit margins have been set at a level which ensures that the Stockist can grow their business and provide the correct service to support their client and the brand in a sustainable way.
  • The Company will offer periodic promotions and discounts to all stockists simultaneously and without discrimination. This is in order to support the Stockists business and provide a platform for existing clients to benefit from discounts; as well as create an opportunity to draw new clients.
  • The Company does not endorse the discounting of The Company stock or treatments. Not only does it damage the brand but also dilutes the Stockists full profit margin and exclusivity, costing the salon owner rather than providing revenue.
  • Bare Body  pricing is subject to alteration at any time and without prior notice.
  • Should an account be inactive for 3 months or less than R5000 (in total) of stock be purchased over 6 months, it shall be deemed termination of this supply agreement.
  • The Company reserves the right to terminate this agreement should it deem the salon unsuitable in any way.
  • The Stockist shall cease sale of products once this agreement is terminated.
  • All agreements and orders to be in writing, email or WhatsApp. No verbal agreements will be binding.
  • All orders are based on a payment-before-dispatch basis.
  • The Company will  dispatch within 48 hours of receipt of proof of payment. Where receipt of payment is prior a public holiday or weekend, the order will be dispatch after the public holiday or weekend to avoid products being stored/ delayed in transit.
  • For any questions regarding delivery subsequent to dispatch, or the condition of products delivered, the stockist will contact the courier directly.
  • Payments to be made to:



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Account Name: Retail Bliss (Pty) ltd.
Bank: FNB
Account Number: 62743399645
Branch Code: 250655
Type: Cheque
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Phone: 081 794 6801