Why you should wear Sunscreen Daily.

Why you should wear Sunscreen Daily.

Why you should use Sunscreen Daily.

With Summer around the corner, South Africans need to remember that sunscreen is your friend this December, as no one wants a nasty sunburn to spoil their vacation. However, you shouldn’t only be using Sunscreen on the days you’re lounging by the pool. You should be using it every single day.

No one wants fine lines, wrinkles, and worst of all, skin cancer, so we’ve complied some of the best reasons for you to wear sunscreen daily below,

  • Even Skin Tone.

Wearing Sunscreen everyday will keep your complexion even all over. As your outfit changes during the week from Sundress, to short sleeve t-shirt, different portions of your face, neck and arms are exposed to the sun each day, this can cause an uneven skin tone. Apply your sunscreen evenly to avoid this from happening.


  • Sun Protection

This Summer is set to be a hot one, and we all know how bad UV rays are for our skin. They cause fine lines and wrinkles, and damage your skin. This is why Sunscreen is primarily used to protect against these pro blems, and prevent you from getting a bad sunburn.


  • Indoor Sunlight is the same as being Outside.

You may not be going outside every day, but if you sit close to a window and receive a lot of natural light, this is this same as sitting outside. For this reason, if you are exposed to light indoors, you should apply sunscreen everyday to reduce your skin aging.


  • Lower your Risk of Skin Cancer

Using Sunscreen daily will help protect your skin from sun damage as mentioned earlier, but this will lower your risk of skin cancer caused by harmful UV rays.


For these reasons, you should ensure you wear Sunscreen every day, for younger, healthier skin.

We took these factors into consideration when we created the Barebody SPF40 XP Sunscreen, which contains Zinc Oxide for protection against harmful effects of UV radiation and free radicals.

We use Zinc Oxide because it protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and because it creates a physical barrier to block the rays by scattering them. Zinc Oxide is also compatible with all skin types, so even those with sensitive skin can use it with little risk of irritation.

To use Barebody SPF40 XP Sunscreen, apply it evenly to your hands, arms, neck, face, and anywhere else that may be exposed to sunlight.

We should all do whatever we can to preserve our skin for the future, and this means protecting it against Sun Damage, so make sure you wear your sunscreen daily, apply it evenly and most importantly, enjoy your Summer.

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